Monday, February 20, 2012

Lasting Friendships.

Heyyy. hope everyone had a wonderful valentines day and spent it with someone they love!! I had such a wonderful day, couldn't of imagined it any different!! I made a delicious butternut squash stuffed cannelloni with b├ęchamel sauce and let me just say it was delicious not that im bragging or anything! Then we went out for dessert to... the pancake parlor and had some dessert pancakes, which is a first for me. They were so nummy as I had a banana walnut pancake with vanilla ice cream on top. Alicia had one with chocolate ice cream and lots of sprinkles! It was such a wonderful day and I truly love this family. Alicia started ballet this last week & I had so much fun watching her and all the other little girls tippy toe around and twirl : )

Thursday night I went out with my friend Corinna to this delicious asian fusion place downtown. We had a wonderful meal and a great night talking and laughing. After we went and got some tasty gelato and I must say its my favorite dessert : )
Saturday was Corinnas last day in Melbourne so we met up downtown and I took her to my favorite Italian restaurant, one that I have been to before and mentioned in an earlier blog. She had the cannelloni that I had my first time and I had a delicious pesto mascarpone ravioli. Honestly we both licked our plates clean. After finishing our wine and sharing 2 desserts : ) we headed down to St. Kilda which is where the beach is. We sat outside of a fun bar/restaurant and enjoyed the beautiful water while sipping another glass of wine! I can say that I am falling more and more in love with this city and being down by the water was just so relaxing as there were not as many people out. After we took the tram back to the city and danced rest of the night away at spice market (our favorite club). It was the perfect night and she said it was the perfect send off. I am truly going to miss her so much as we spend lots of time & memories together here. I wish her all the best as she travels the east coast for 5 weeks before she heads back home to Germany. I know we will keep in touch as God brought her into my life for a reason. I am crossing my fingers to go to Germany next year for Oktoberfest & spend it with her : ) I think about all the people God is bringing into my life and see who he is going to keep in my life.

Sunday Mark, Carol the girls and I went to the Healsville Sanctuary which was an hour drive from us. We first stopped at a beautiful vineyard where they had a farmers market. It was such a beautiful place to be as its in the Yarra Valley which is full of grape trees that run for miles and miles. I was speechless at the view and I would love to get married there : ) We tried some samples of tasty jams & chutneys and plenty other goodies. It makes me so excited to get back there when my parents come as we are going to do a wine tour of 4-5 different vineyards! We then made our way to the sanctuary which was packed full of people. This is a zoo that has only australian animals. We saw koalas, emus, kangaroos, wallabys, flying foxes, birds & tasmanian devils. We saw a reptile show which I was not to fond of since they are not my favorite! We also saw a bird show that was amazing. The birds were beautiful full of color. They had an aborigonal man after that showed how to throw a boomerang. He picked me out of the crowd saying if I took him on a date he would give me one but I told him that Ill pick the place and he can pay... so therefore he gave it to a little kid ; ( would have been cool to get a handmade boomerang but oh well! It was so much fun to see all the animals that I have never seen in person before. It was such a fun day and such a beautiful drive back home. 
Me and My aboriginal boyfriend

cant remember what this is called but it makes sweet music

Yarra Valley. Yearling Vineyard

I would say that this week I was not myself. I have not been filled with the joy that I have been the first 2 months. Its not that I am sad and not liking what I am doing I just think im realizing so many things that matter to me and its kind of made me just think so much about what I want in my life. I cried so much at the most random things such as when I was watching The Ellen DeGeneras show she gave $50,000 to a marine family and I teared up, cried when I saw a commercial of a mom and daughter out to eat (makes me miss you mom) and also when watching a tv show a couple was getting married. I even teared up when I was reading about Jesus crucifixion in the bible. Just so many things are making me emotional (maybe its just pms) I keep reading over and over again that God is always by my side and he is continually guiding me and showing me his love. This gives me so much strength each day. 

I can't believe I have already been here for 2 months! It has flown by and I know that these next 4 months will go by even faster. In a couple weeks I am flying to Sydney to see my friend from high school who just arrived there today. I cant wait to see a familiar face and explore the city together! I am also hoping to go to Byron bay in May since Ill only be going to Cairns when my parents come in July. 

Well hope everyone has a wonderful week & if you think about it pray that ill find my joy again as I know I am just going through a phase! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Thank You.

Well its been another wonderful week as it was the first WHOLE week that Annabel and I hung out together. We missed her sister dearly but had lots of fun going to the park, taking walks & walking walking walking! She is a mover now as she can walk on her own. She gets the biggest smile when she walks across the room and that smile just makes my heart flutter. She is such an amazing little girl and I am so thankful for the time I get to spend with her! We went to a play group on wednesday which she loves as there are other kids to run and play with! Our schedule now consists of music class on tuesday and play group on wednesday! Alicia is loving school and learning so much! It is fun to pick her up after school to see all the little kids in uniforms file out looking for their mum or dad & to see the huge smile on their faces when they spot them in the crowd! I love the feeling I get knowing that she looks for me : ) I will say she is pretty tired after the school day and gets a little fussy. That is probably the hardest part of watching someone else's children is knowing how to deal with them when they wont listen. I know that things will always be like this with any child but I want our relationship to be strong and for her to trust & respect me. I love her so much and am going to be so sad to leave in 4.5 months. (cant believe how fast time is going!)
I did watch the Superbowl, which was at 10am monday morning for me! I was sad I didn't get to see the commercials but I did love the half time show!!

This weekend was one of my friends last weekends as she leaves next Sunday, So Saturday we went out downtown & had lunch along the Yarra river which was delicious as we shared a pizza and dip platter yummmy! We went to the Ian Potter museum to browse the artwork since Corinna hadnt been there yet! We had some coffee and ventured over to the Docklands where there was a Japanese Summer Festival which was SO much fun. We saw some traditional dancing, music playing and sumo wrestling... let me say it wasn't with big fat guys but scrawny skinny ones and its a sight that I hope to not see again! It was fun to see so many different cultures come together and learn of traditions.

Lunch at Blue Train Cafe

Japanese music

Corinna & I (I am going to miss her so much)

Lets just say his "speedo" was to big and the full moon came out

Sunday we went to the St. Kilda Festival which reminded me a lot of Grand ol days and a little like the State Fair but on a small small scale. There was so much going on as we saw several bands play, dancing lessons, rides for little kids & tons of different foods & booths selling stuff. It was very very good people watching as there is some crazy fashion down here. It started to rain so we scooted into a Tapas bar and had a Corona & a tiny tiny spanish sandwich. It was fun to just be surrounded by all the people and see that everywhere around the world they have festivals and celebrations to bring everyone together! 
amazing things like this all through the street

headphones made out of milk cartons! 

the penguins come out at night so they need a crossing sign

Gunna miss her <3

Luna Park

This week I found myself this week saying over and over again, "Thank you God" at everything I was doing. I am so so thankful for all these memories God is giving me to experience. I have been reading Colossions and am learning so much through what God wants to do with me and how I need to live my life day in and day out. There are several verses that have stuck out to me and give me so much joy.

"The lines of purpose in your lives never grow slack, tightly tied as they are to your future in heaven, kept taut by hope" 1:5

"From the very first day you heard and recognized the truth of what God is doing, you've been hungry for more" 1:6 This is so true in my life right now as I want to learn more and more and serve

"As you learn more and more how God works, you will learn how you do YOUR work" 1:10

"I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God. Then you will have minds confident and at rest, focused on Christ"2:2

"Your old life is dead. your new life , which is your real life, even though invisible to spectators, is with Christ in God. He is your life." 3:3

"And regardless of what else you put on, wear LOVE. It's your basic all purpose garment, never be without it" 3:14

Hope these will bring you hope and direction and something to live by as I am doing my best to live by the word. 

I am booking my flight to Sydney over March 16th weekend for St. Patricks days! I am so excited to go and see this new place with a familiar face : ) 

My parents and I are planning our 2 week trip when they come in July and let me say I cant wait! I am so excited to see my parents and experience the beauty here with them & show them where I have lived for what will be 6 months! Jeep tour through the rain forest, boat trip to go out to the great barrier reef and snorkel, eat lots of delicious food & deepen our relationship while experiencing Australia. 

Tomorrow (for me) is Valentines day and I must say that I am sad to not be working with all my Lexington Floral family. This is the best time of the year as I have over 10 valentines to spend the day with. I love this time of year being a florist even tho its crazy busy but its those late nights and laughs that make every moment count. I am making dinner with Alicia for vday! Stuffed butternut squash cannelloni with ice cream sundaes! I am so excited to cook : ) I hope everyone spends the special day with someone they love or several people they love. I am so grateful to have this family to be with on feb 14th. 

Have a wonderful week full of LOVEEEEEEE.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hi. Oh my must I say it has been a busy week full of new things : ) Alicia started school last friday and she was SO excited as she has been counting down the days! She looked to cute in her blue and white plaid uniform. I am so proud of her. Today (tuesday) was the first day of just me and Annabel. We go to music class on tuesdays which is SO much fun as the kids sing and dance. I hope to find something like that in the states when I have kids whenever that will be : ) I am excited for this week to have only 1 girl but we will miss Alicia dearly.

This last weekend I went on a wonderful adventure to the Grampians National Park which is a 4 hour drive west of Melbourne. I went with 3 other Au pairs who were.... all German! Which the friday night it was me and 8 other Germans. Lets just say if I ever go to Germany I will know someone in every city!! It was a beautiful day to drive as there were no clouds in the sky! Along the way we saw many signs about taking power naps which made me giggle a little bit since thats a Schoneman thing to take a power nap. Some of them said.... Drowsy Drivers Die, a microsleep can still kill. and break the drive and stay alive! As we drove everything looked like Africa when I see pictures. Brown grass with tall green trees all scattered around. As we arrived to the little town of Halls Gap we stopped in at the information center and got our list of things to do. First stop was Boroka lookout which was a windy drive up the mountain but when we got there it was SO beautiful as it looked out all of the valley. The mountains formed a U shape and in the middle was a giant blue lake. You could see the land for miles and miles. I was in awe of Gods beauty and how every little detail is so amazing. The flies there were horrible as they would not leave us alone! Next stop was Reed lookout where he had to take a little hike to get to the balconies. Along the way we saw a sea of stacked rocks which is supposed to be "good luck/fortune" we also saw many burned trees as last year they had a big storm and lots of bush fires. When we got to the lookout I was so captivated at how everything was covered in trees and that you could see for miles. There was a rock formation that looked like the big rock in Lion King. On our way back we stopped on these rocks that looked out over the giant lake. The last stop was MacKenzie Falls which was a steep hike down to the base, but when we got there I was speechless at how beautiful the sound of the water spilling over the huge rocks was. Since we are girls we of course took many many pictures. We stayed there for about an hour laying with our feet in the water while watching several people come and go. I was reminded of how much love God spills into our life and how he just washes it over us like the water rushing over the cliff. Its always flowing and it will never stop. I was so thankful at that moment to be in that place and to know that My Savior will always and forever love me and will continue to spill his love into my life. The journey back up with filled with A LOT of stairs and we definitely got our work out for the day : ) We then went to find our hostel that we were staying in for the night. It was out in the middle of no where and I couldnt help but laugh when I heard the name... Asses Ears Wilderness Lodge. We had our own cabin to ourselves so lets just say that my first experience sleeping at a hostel was wonderful : ) We took our "power naps" and went to get dinner at the only restaurant within an hour of us. We took the road that looked the fastest on the map but let me say it was not. We were off roading the whole way and it was a very bumpy ride, oh and we went behind the bush fire that was happening so that was awesome, thankful we didnt get caught in it. We finally found the restaurant... which was not really one. I would have to say that I learned they do not care about customer service and everything is very expensive. As we drove back we saw several Kangaroos just hanging out together. It was so amazing to see them in their natural habitat. We got back and had some wine outside under the stars while we talked about our adventures and differences of the way Americans and Germans live. It is so much fun getting to know people from all over the world. The owner of the hostel came back as he is a volunteer firefighter and was out fighting the bush fire. We asked him so many questions about bush fires and what they do to put them out. It was so hard to understand him sometimes because he was truly Australian... I like to call him a "hick Australian" The next day we got back in the car and headed to find some aboriginal shelter sights... we got lost, realized we were almost on empty with gas, and the next petrol station was a far ways away. We went to one of the shelter sights where we saw some paintings from the aboriginals.... honestly it wasn't that great as it had faded a lot but still very cool to see and read about. We got on the road and I was praying to God that we would not run out of gas. I was freaking out and the other 3 girls didn't seem to worry as they would have just waited for someone to bring them to the next petrol station.... which I would NEVER get into a car with a stranger.... but thankfully we made it to a petrol station just in time and rewarded ourselves with some 50 cent Mcdonalds Ice cream cones : ) yummy We made it home driving in the pouring rain but the good thing is it washed the dirty car! 

Boroka Outlook

Me, Corinna, Alina & Anka My German Friends!

All the stacked rocks


MacKenzie Waterfall

Gods sign of his covenant of him & man

had to : ) 

Just hanging out on the side of the road!

our cabin as Asses Ears Wilderness Lodge

Really?! I could have told you that
Church last night was so amazing as we got in groups and just prayed for one another. I am meeting so many people and it is amazing how comfortable I feel telling them things about my life. I am loving this new found Love in my life. I started reading Colossians as I am listening to a podcast from Eaglebrook and its about Pauls letter to the church in Colossi. The 4 pillars to live by Faith, Love, Grace & truth. I am trying so hard to love the people who God bring into my life here in Australia so that my faith is strengthened and my relationship with God is even stronger. I am so thankful for the grace God gives. Bob said, by the grace of God I am who I am. and I would never want to be anyone else. I am learning to love myself so I can love others with my whole heart just like my Savior loves me with his whole heart. I am loving this journey I am going through as I read the Bible and apply to what I read to my everyday life. 

I can not believe that I have already been here for over a month. Time flies and I am so thankful everyday for Mark and Carol and the girls. They give me so much joy everyday with their smiles & Carols delicious meals : ) 

I am going up to Sydney in March to visit my friend Christine from high school and studying in Sydney. Ill be there for a long weekend and I am so excited to see a familiar face.  

I am urging everyone who reads my blog to love someone deeply this week and take time to really talk and listen to someone. You never know when it will make someone's day turn positive to let them know that you love them and really care for them. 

With new found beauty,