Sunday, April 1, 2012

Half way. already?

well as of the other day I passed the half way mark of my adventures down under. I seriously can not believe it has gone by so fast. I am so thankful for every moment ups and downs. I have learned so much about God, who he has made me to be, and parts of my puzzle of my purpose in life.

This last week I worked monday thru friday and let me say I am thankful that I am not a mom right now and that I have 3 days off. I do not know how Carol does it. She is a super mom! One thing that made me so excited to be a mom when that day comes is Annabel woke up from her nap from a dream and wouldn't go back down so I held her and she was resting her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. She even started to drool. But that feeling of having this tiny little person just cling onto you and be so comfortable to fall asleep in your arms is a something I will always remember.
On our walk to the duck pond : ) such a happy girl

It was Alicia's last week before her holiday break so at ballet I got to watch what she has been learning over the last 2 months. I almost cried thinking next time it will be my last week with her. I will say we have had some struggles when it comes to listening and following rules but that is what being 5 is and I think we have formed a lasting relationship and she truly makes me so happy and smile all the time.
My Ballerina! 
Last weekend was low key which was SO nice. Saturday I did relay for life cancer walk with a group from the church I went to a couple of times. There were TONS of people there and it was so great to see all the people who came together to honor loved ones. It was a chilly day but after a few laps and some coffee it was all good. I only stayed for about 2 hours until heading off to babysit for another family up the street. Sunday I met up with a friend downtown and we went and got some delicious french crepes for brunch then headed on over to Max Brenners Chocolate bar for a drink. of course I got a peanut butter chocolate shake. it was DELICIOUS. we had such a fun time just talking and its so interesting to hear about different peoples views on things and how they live. It is such an eye opener. I stopped by the fruit and veggie stand on the way home and made some veggie pasta with a chicken burger that I cut up. It reminded me of home : ) 
The last 2 weeks I have been changing the way I eat because in September I am going to be a bridesmaid in my best friend Joors wedding which I said was in vegas! gotta start toning and getting into tip top shape. and also for when my parents and I travel up to Cairns!! 
Max Brenners Chocolate Bar (delicious chocolate)

Last weekend I spent saturday at the International Flower and Garden Show which is the 2nd largest in the world! I was in flower heaven and I have never been so sure that this is my true passion. I was surrounded by so many amazing creations. It was so busy with so many people taking in all the beautiful artwork. I can't wait to get back and start working in the floral industry!! I met up with 2 other au pairs at one of their houses for wine and some pizza. We went out but I was so exhausted I went home early! Sunday Me Carol and the girls went and got brunch at the convent as it was such a beautiful day. Then headed on over to the museum so Alicia could rollerblade for a bit then ventured on into the museum to check out some exhibits. It was such a wonderful day with the girls and ended with a delicious pumpkin curry that carol made for dinner! I love spending time with these wonderful girls and makes me smile to see them so happy. 

Sunflower wall. My favorite

Today I am heading on down to the botanic gardens to read and just relax on this beautiful sunny day, also catch up with a friend. So thankful everyday to be here and to soak up everything around me. I am really trying to give up all my struggles and questions up to the Lord as I know I cant do things on my own.

My parents packed up their house in Kansas City and moved it on down to Plano Texas. I am so excited for this new adventure for them.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and it is a week until Easter. I am going to focus on what God really gave up for me and my sins this week. I would not be here if it wasnt for his precious son. I am missing my family more then anything right now esp during easter but I know that I will be well taken care of with this wonderful family I am with now. God does miraculous things just make sure you open your eyes to them and understand why he does it. 
In love